In today’s episode, I am joined by Kersey Sturdivant, Principal Scientist at INSPIRE Environmental, who discusses how innovation is happening in unseen places. We explore the innovative approaches to problem-solving on the seafloor and how they directly benefit the energy revolution in offshore wind.

Kersey shares how they can read the seafloor’s history through a combination of optical and acoustic methods. We also explore how an innovative camera that “optically cores” sediments provides us with a worm’s-eye view.

Guest Details: 

Name: Kersey Sturdivant
Title:  Principal Scientist
Company:  INSPIRE Environmental
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With a hand in all aspects of INSPIRE’s work, Kersey brings critical and creative thinking to everything he does. He is involved in strategic planning, business development, project design, and implementation, and presenting results to external stakeholders. Kersey pushes boundaries and offers new perspectives, enabling him to efficiently solve problems and mentor junior staff.