Navin Kunde, Head of Open Innovation at the Clorox Company, joins me in a conversation about the roles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in innovation. But most importantly, the importance of belonging. Listen in as he explains that although diversity is essential, leaders must go further by making everyone feel included and giving them a voice.

We also discuss how the disconnect between functional groups and business units can create silos that hold back innovation efforts and prevent everyone from understanding the problem they are trying to solve together.

Guest Details: 

Name: Dr. Navin Kunde
Title:  Head of Open Innovation
Company: The Clorox Company
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Dr. Navin Kunde currently leads the Open Innovation group at The Clorox Company, a US-based consumer goods company in the Fortune 500. The Open Innovation group enables business leaders and innovation teams to make better decisions by helping them access and synthesize data, learn from external experts, and build partnerships. 

Before joining Clorox, Navin spent seven years at The Corporate Executive Board in Washington DC, advising Global 1000 innovation and operations executives.