Today, we’ve got a special doubleheader episode that dives deep into the world of innovation consulting. But we’re not just talking about any consultants; today’s guests bring a distinctive approach to the innovation landscape. They hail from a firm that attracts the most creative clients and crafts unique solutions based on their diverse backgrounds and philosophies.

Joining me today, on the Innovation Storytellers Show, are Abram Sirignano and Tony Fross, who co-lead the product experience and innovation practice at Prophet. For the past six years, Prophet has stood out in the consulting world, not only for its innovative solutions in product development and organizational capabilities but also for its commitment to empowering clients to become innovators in their own right.

In this episode, we’ll explore how Prophet views organizations as living systems with DNA, bodies, minds, and souls. We’ll discuss the challenges companies face when they say they want to innovate but are reluctant to change their structures. Our guests will share insights on aligning the human elements of business—like talent and leadership—with organizational goals to foster true innovation.

What does innovation mean to you? How does your organization embody its values and visions in daily operations? Tune in as we explore these questions and more, providing you with the tools to transform your own workplace.

Abram Sirignano and Tony Fross co-lead the Product, Experience and Innovation practice at growth and transformation strategy consultancy Prophet. Over the last six years, Prophet has become recognized by both clients and analysts for its standout work in helping clients innovate new products, services, and experiences and also for designing and standing up net new organizational capabilities to enable clients to become self-sufficient innovators.

Name: Abram Sirignano
Title: Co-Lead the Product, Experience and Innovation Practice
Company: Prophet
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Abram Sirignano is the global lead for Prophet’s Product & Experience Innovation practice and a senior partner in the New York office. He has spent 25 years at the intersection of digital and design-led transformation, working within enterprise and for multiple agencies and consultancies. Prior to Prophet he ran the NYC outpost of Fjord, a design consultancy and part of Accenture Song. Abram’s alter ego, Dad, is busy with two “young intrepids” who teach him something new every day. His favorite superhero is his wife.

Name: Tony Fross
Title: Co-Lead the Product, Experience and Innovation Practice
Company: Museum of Failure
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Tony Fross is a partner in our New York office, with more than 20 years of experience leading digital and growth strategies, working with companies as diverse as Avon, IBM, DuPont and Chrysler.

Inspired by his passion for theater and film, he approaches every business project with creativity. (Ask him anything about the Sundance Film Festival—he’s there every year.) And he’s adept at seeing every aspect of the digital landscape from the customer’s perspective, whether it’s someone shopping for a doll or buying a tasty burger. Full immersion is his secret weapon: For a gin client, he once spent a whole summer tootling around Newport, R.I., in a chauffeured limousine, impersonating a British aristocrat.

Before joining Prophet, Tony led Capgemini Consulting’s digital strategy practice, and has also worked at Pfizer, THINK New Ideas and Scient.

He’s got acting degrees from both Vassar College and Trinity Rep Conservatory. He lives in Manhattan with his spouse, author Katrin van Dam.