In this episode of The Innovation Storytellers Show, we’re talking about a topic often overlooked in large companies: stereotypes and how they play a major role in how we interact with one another in the workplace and outside of it. 

My guests, Gian Franco and Liz Kim, are the co-founders of The Stereotype Project Foundation. Gian Franco is a Trinidad and Tobago native with a background in media, entertainment, and technology, and Liz Kim is a second-generation Korean American with a diverse background in fashion, music, advertising, and real estate. 

I learn how together, they are working to deconstruct the way we learn about people and cultures, highlighting the gaps and limited and biased representations of social groups in the media. Join us as we dive deep into their mission and how innovators can benefit from understanding stereotypes.

Name: Gian Franco Wilson
Title: Co-Founder & Chairman
Company: The Stereotype Project Foundation

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Gian Franco Wilson is a media and entertainment industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he has spent the majority of his career in digital media and distribution, working for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Comcast. He has also held leadership roles in content business development and global content acquisition.

 In 2015, Gian Franco co-founded Pavilion Entertainment, a TV and film production and distribution company based in Los Angeles, with a focus on telling universal stories from a Caribbean perspective. In 2018, he produced the feature film “VENUS AS A BOY,” which was an official selection of the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival and was released exclusively on Hulu in 2022 as part of Hulu’s celebration of Black Stories for Black History Month. Gian Franco has also served as an independent advisor and consultant for media giants such as Liberty Global and Liberty Latin America and has provided strategic advice to disruptive start-ups such as Pluto.TV and StreaMe.

Name: Liz Kim
Title: Co-Founder and COO
Company: The Stereotype Project Foundation

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Liz Kim is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in finance, human resources, strategy, and operations. She brings her expertise from the fashion, music, advertising, and digital industries to The Stereotype Project Foundation. Liz has also held senior roles in several Fortune 500 companies, including a high-end luxury residential real estate marketing agency, where she oversaw finance, operations, HR, and business strategies.

Liz’s background in finance and operations is demonstrated by her experience at IAC company, where she propelled the company to reach profitability in less than 2 years, and at Warner Music Group, where she revamped and created a new financial reporting system and structure for over 75 individual labels. As a second-generation Korean American, Liz has lived in several cities in the US and has a diverse range of interests.