Richard Branson once said, “A company’s employees are its greatest asset, and your people are your product.”

This is exactly the kind of principle and energy that Yves Pitton and Kevin D’Silva cultivate within their respective companies.

They believe that there are geniuses and innovators among everyday employees, and so by encouraging them to voice out their own opinions and giving them the space to pitch their best ideas, it helps the company move towards innovation as well.

In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, Yves and Kevin talk about giving employees the platform to innovate and test their hypotheses and how this can play a pivotal role in moving a company towards its own growth goals.

Guest Details:

Name: Yves Pitton
Title: CEO
Company: VTX
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Yves Pitton is the CEO of VTX, the largest independent and private telecom operator and service provider in Switzerland. He is an experienced, hands-on, and impact-oriented senior executive with extensive international experience and passion for innovation, growth, turn-around, and change management in the industrial, high-tech, media, and Private Equity business.

Name: Kevin D’Silva
Title: Thought leader in Intrapreneurship & Enterprise Innovation
Company: Ideateplus

Kevin D’Silva is a Thought Leader in Enterprise Innovation, Founder & CEO of Ideateplus. He is also a serial intrapreneur and founded programs that provide enterprises with a rapid innovation process that helps them achieve customer-validated experiments while developing the competence of their employees.