As big companies turn into larger corporations, they tend to lean more towards optimization and stability, instead of continually experimenting with novel ideas. This lack of friction in larger companies also becomes their weakness as they lose their drive to innovate.

For Fred Schonenberg, CEO and Founder of VentureFuel, this is where the role of smaller, more radical startups comes into play. When big, stable corporations partner with these startups, they are able to spark innovation.

In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, Fred talks about the magic that happens when big and small companies work together towards creating innovative products.

Guest Details:

Name: Fred Schonenberg
Title: Founder
Company: VentureFuel

Fred Schonenberg has helped over 100 companies – from General Mills to Beam Suntory to Netflix – discover and implement new technologies and innovations to deliver breakthrough results.

As CEO and Founder of VentureFuel, Fred has created a repeatable innovation framework that bridges his deep relationships with the VC, Angel and Startup ecosystem with his C-suite corporate relationships to deliver first-to-market, tangible solutions that drive growth for all involved.

Fred is also a frequent speaker at industry events such as SXSW, Ad Tech, Advertising Week, IAB, OMMA, etc. and an industry thought-leader published in The Huffington Post, Media Post, The Drum,, Creator Magazine, Adweek, Event Marketer, etc.