We often think of innovation as something that only geniuses are capable of. But in practice, it’s only through many trials and errors that the world gets to see and experience such remarkable inventions.

This kind of belief is very much reflected within Amazon’s company culture.

Amazon’s relentless focus on customer experience has led them to many successes. By encouraging a culture of critical thinking and giving space for calculated risks, Amazon has become one of the biggest tech and e-commerce giants of this generation.

In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, Mark Oehlert, Innovation Success Manager at Amazon, lets us in on Amazon’s innovation process and the culture that they cultivate within the company that allows them to embrace and bet on new technologies.

He also talks about Amazon’s failures and the lessons they’ve learned from it, what the ‘cargo cult’ is and how it hinders companies from innovating.

Guest Details:

Name: Mark Oehlert
Title: Innovation Success Manager
Company: Amazon AWS
Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Mark Oehlert is the Innovation Success Manager at Amazon. With his background in management as well as history and anthropology, Mark had the opportunity to work in the tech/private sector in learning and development, innovation, program management, and consulting at the Fortune 500 level.

Mark has worked in private industry, the federal government and defense industry and has gained a lot of experience in sensing and assessing emerging technologies including in the areas of innovation management, online training, enterprise social networks and crafting strategies and programs to support large-scale learning and development initiatives.