Because of our growing population, increased consumption, and ever-increasing carbon footprint, sustainability has become one of the biggest goals of our generation. Whether it’s out of concern for one’s health, or a drive to protect mother nature, consumers are now opting for more sustainable products.

In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, Freya Burton, Chief Sustainability Officer at LanzaTech, shares her knowledge about carbon recycling and how this contributes to our collective sustainability goals. She also talks about how disruptive companies like theirs convey technical concepts to their partners and investors, and how to turn scientific concepts into relatable stories.

Guest Details:

Name: Freya Burton
Title: Chief Sustainability Officer
Company: LanzaTech

With a background in Biology, Freya started her career in carbon recycling as one of the first employees of LanzaTech, working directly with LanzaTech’s gas fermentation process in the laboratory. She has firsthand experience of scaling and commercializing a new technology, from the R&D stage, through the challenges of fundraising and navigating the legislative environment to deploying new technologies to scale in globally.

Today she leads the Government Relations and External Relations teams at LanzaTech and plays a key part in advocacy groups around the world focused on Circular Economy, Carbon Capture and Utilization, the Bioeconomy and Low Carbon Fuels. She interacts across multiple sectors supporting the commercialization of new low carbon technologies, including contributing to reports on scale up and impact and providing insights on what common issues impacting the deployment of new technologies.

Freya has an MA from Cambridge University.