Is your organization suffering from “pivotitis”? While pivoting in itself is not bad, pivoting without a clear vision in mind can be unproductive and can result in a product that lacks function or impact (or both).

In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, Radhika Dutt, Co-Founder of Radical Product Thinking, joins us to talk about what ‘radical product thinking’ means and how we can apply this kind of agile method in product development to our own products and services.

She also gives us some advice on how to know when you need to pivot, creating product iterations with a purpose, and tapping into early adopters for your product or service.

Guest Details:

Name: Radhika Dutt
Title: Co-founder
Company: Radical Product Thinking

Radhika Dutt is currently Advisor on Product Thinking to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore’s financial regulator and central bank. She serves on the board of the independent publisher, Berrett Koehler, and the Association of Product Professionals. She also teaches entrepreneurship and innovation at Northeastern’s D’Amore McKim School of Business.

Radhika co-founded Radical Product Thinking as a movement of leaders creating vision-driven change and is a frequent speaker at business events and conferences around the world.

Radhika is also the author of the upcoming book Radical Product Thinking: The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter. She is an entrepreneur and product leader who has participated in four acquisitions, two of which were companies that she founded. She advises organizations from high-tech startups to government agencies on building radical products that create a fundamental change.