In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, I interview Christian Ponce, Director of Corporate Strategy at LogMeIn, which is the company who prides itself for one of the world’s most groundbreaking innovations – the LastPass password manager and vault app.

LastPass’ original founders didn’t really plan to turn it into a vault app. They simply wanted a password manager that can make it easier for people to access their accounts remotely, but after being acquired by LogMeIn in 2015, Chris and his innovation team came up with other purposes for the app.

When asked about how they did their brainstorming sessions, Chris states that it was through transparent, open conversations, and by continually looking for inspiration and input outside of their team, that they were able to find new ways of using the app and making it useful to everyday people.

Tune in as Chris and I talk about the role of the innovation team and how they encourage other teams in their company to engage in conversations that bring about innovation. We also talk about how they go through the process of fine-tuning their products and services, selling the idea to executives and investors, and drawing in early adopters.

Guest Details:

Name: Christian Ponce
Title: Director of Corporate Strategy
Company: LogMeIn

Christian Ponce is the Director of Corporate Strategy at LogMeIn. Together with his innovation team, Chris finds collaborative solutions to whatever problem is put in front of them. Chris’s goal is to help organizations figure out how to go from idea to solution in a meaningful and engaging way.

Chris also established and drove the Phase 4ward Program, the overarching framework that kept track of over 80 initiatives including business area diagnostics, product unification, Go-to-Market streamlining, and organizational optimization.
When he’s not working, he mentors the next generation of innovators at EforAll, an organization dedicated to accelerating economic and social impact in communities nationwide through inclusive entrepreneurship.