With established systems, products, and services, large companies can find themselves struggling to implement changes that would make them better equipped to lead tomorrow.

So, how can we help these bigger companies adopt a more innovative culture and way of thinking?

In this episode, Josh Cohen, Managing Partner at GIANT Innovation, talks about design thinking and how it can help companies become more innovative – as well as the role of emotions in communicating ideas.

He also talks about the benefits of bringing in consultants, and why innovation needs to be talked about more in higher education.

Guest Details:

Name: Josh Cohen
Title: Managing Partner
Company: GIANT Innovation
Twitter | Linkedin

Joshua Cohen leverages his years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to give large organizations the tools and know-how they need to move and act with speed, agility, and creativity. He guides GIANT Innovation’s clients to develop cutting edge products, services and business models with minimal resource expenditures using the same Lean Startup Methodology that he has applied in his startup career.

Joshua has deep roots in technology-intensive sectors, having founded and built startups in both Europe and the U.S., including Germany-based iPharro, a spinoff of Germany’s world-renowned Fraunhofer Organization, and NYC-based Ganxy. He is the former co-head of US investments for SevenVentures, the venture capital division of one of Germany’s largest media companies. As an entrepreneur-in-residence, he’s worked as part of the core team at Citibank’s D10X program, helping Citibank create and roll out an unprecedented number of new startups within the organization.

Through many years of international work and living, he’s developed a deep global network and continues to advise startups and companies all over the world. A fluent German speaker (with a smattering of French), he is responsible for all of GIANT’s European practices.