One question a lot of us have right now is, how will work from anywhere continue to affect innovation?

One challenge has been ensuring teams don’t come unglued as a result of feeling disconnected from one another, and only interacting over email and Zoom.  

Another challenge has been asynchronous communication, especially now those impromptu, idea-sparking water-cooler conversations have all but disappeared (although it’s possible they were a myth in the first place). 

Yet the disruption of the pandemic has also driven innovation in numerous ways, as companies have sought to support remote workforces, keep pace with consumer behavior changes, and elevate service delivery, customer engagement, and employee support.

Working from anywhere is changing where innovation happens, and offers us a chance to reimagine what work looks like for all of us. Less burnout, more uninterrupted creative flow time, and more employee satisfaction perhaps.

How do you see innovation being shaped by a work from anywhere future?

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