In this week’s Innovation Storytellers episode, I welcome Eli Gerson, Manager of Innovation at Ameren. Eli is one of the most prominent innovative thinkers in a regulated utility. He continuously brings brilliant new ideas to what many think is an industry that can be pretty mundane and safe. 

Although you might not associate the energy industry as a hub of innovation, I hope to change that today. Listen in as Eli shares his insights and experiences around everything from sustainability to electric vehicles and the innovations transforming the utility industry and driving change.

Guest Details: 

Name: Eli Gerson
Title:  Manager of Innovation
Company: Ameren
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Eli Gerson is the Manager of Innovation at Ameren, a F500 utility located in St. Louis, Missouri. He helps lead efforts to foster a culture of innovation, runs long-term strategic pilots/proof-of-concepts, assists in the development of corporate strategy, and supports engagements with customers and stakeholders – including communities and peer utilities. Prior to his work at Ameren, Eli worked in education and as an entrepreneur.