Many innovators have an insatiable thirst for information and are continuously connecting the dots and learning how they can change the world. Shannon Lucas, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Catalyst Constellations has not only walked this path, but she has also written a book about it to help others feel better understood, connected, and supported throughout their innovation processes.

In this week’s episode of The Innovation Storytellers Show, Shannon discusses the importance of not creating an ivory tower of innovation in an organization and how to identify those who are doing innovative work in their areas. We explore how something magical happens when you bring a diverse range of people from across multiple departments together, bringing transformational projects to life.

Shannon also shares her inspirational story about innovation and how being intentional and taking thetime to slow down can help innovation teams move faster.

Guest Details: 

Name: Shannon Lucas
Title:  Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Company: Catalyst Constellations LinkedIn | Twitter Website LinkedIn |