In previous episodes, we’ve often talked about the concept of celebrating failures as a way of appreciating people’s efforts in pursuit of a goal. Scott Kirsner, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovation Leader, challenges that concept today.

Scott believes that instead of this optimistic view on failure, we must simply acknowledge it as it is. And just like how athletes and coaches re-watch their previous matches with other teams, we must learn to take failures as lessons, identify the mistakes we’ve made, and create a better strategy moving forward.

In this episode, Scott talks about the lessons he’s learned on innovation and leadership as a writer in the tech and business field.

He also talks about innovation in Hollywood, how to tell stories that attract early adopters, and how big companies can continue to innovate.

Guest Details:

Name: Scott Kirsner
Title: CEO & Co-Founder
Company: Innovation Leader
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Scott Kirsner is the CEO and Co-Founder of Innovation Leader. He also has written a weekly column for the Boston Globe since 2000, and before that helped the Globe launch its digital publishing division with Scott Cohen and Frank Hertz, his co-founders at Innovation Leader.

Scott has also been a contributing writer for Wired Magazine, Fast Company, Variety, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, and other publications. He is the author of several books on innovation and technology, including “Inventing the Movies,” which explores the challenge of bringing new ideas to a century-old, change-resistant industry: Hollywood.

Scott has presented leadership strategies to corporate leaders, technologists and entrepreneurs at Harvard Business School, the MIT R&D Conference, South by Southwest, the Consumer Electronics Show, HubSpot Inbound, Tijuana Inovadora, the Connected Health Symposium, and the NAB Futures Summit. Scott has also appeared on NBC’s Today Show, NPR’s Science Friday, the Discovery Channel, and WBUR’s Radio Boston.