Most people listening to the Innovation Storytellers Show are already phenomenal innovators who leave a lot of the heavy lifting around marketing to their team. In today’s episode, I am joined by Amy Volz, Director of Workforce Innovation at Trane Technologies. Amy is a visionary leader and a relentless optimist with extensive expertise in marketing and brand strategy and vast experience across HR and digital. 

Amy and I will explore what innovators can learn from their marketing teams around innovative products and breakthrough ideas, so we can begin to understand the process of when you’re done with the making; it’s the marketing that brings it all to life.

Listen in as we discuss taking breakthrough ideas through an organization and moving them into the market. We also discuss how to innovate the mindset around HR when creating a sustainable workforce.

Guest Details: 

Name: Amy Volz
Title:  Director of Workforce Innovation
Company: Trane Technologies LinkedIn | TwitterWebsite | LinkedIn |

Amy Volz is a visionary leader and relentless optimist with deep expertise in marketing and brand strategy and broad experience across HR and digital. For 20 years, Amy has transformed the brands and cultures of multibillion-dollar companies. She is passionate about translating business strategy to brand purpose and unlocking the potential of women globally. Currently, she is Director of Workforce Innovation at Trane Technologies, reimagining workforce strategy for a $14B climate innovator to create opportunity for all.