Jeff George is the Senior VP of R&D at The Hain Celestrial Group, a leading umbrella brand for organic and natural food products, and a true advocate for storytelling over statistics.

As he shares in this episode, the recent environment led the company to deepen its conversations with consumers in order to get a better sense of the struggles people were navigating in their daily lives—whether that was working multiple jobs, navigating layoffs, or worse.

It was retelling the stories of those consumers that became a powerful way to sell innovation ideas at a critical time, especially when it came to key decision makers and executives.

Jeff also talks about the ways in which we can use the past to inform the future, how failure is a necessary part of the innovation process, and why it’s important to celebrate productive mistakes by passing the lessons along to the teams we lead.

Guest Details:

Name: Jeff George
Title: Research & Development Executive
Company: Hain Celestial

Jeff George is a high impact, action-oriented R&D executive who transforms R&D and innovation performance. He has a proven record of leading companies and teams to accelerate growth by simultaneously delivering high product quality, new consumer benefits and low cost.

He is known as an inspirational innovation leader who creates a strategic vision and translates into actionable plans. He develops leaders and empower teams to deliver exceptional results. Jeff is a proven change agent overcoming barriers to solve problems with cross-functional influence, perseverance and pragmatic optimism.