Accessibility is one of the biggest challenges in healthcare, and it has become even more apparent during the pandemic.

Seeing this gap in the market, Derrick L. Miles decided to start a company called CourMed®, with a mission to make healthcare more accessible to people.

CourMed® started out as a courier service for healthcare products, but after securing a partnership with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, CourMed® is now able to offer other healthcare services to more people.

In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, we’re going to look at Derrick’s journey into founding CourMed®, and what motivates him to continually innovate in the healthcare space. We also delve into the importance of partnering with the right businesses, and how CourMed® has helped people, communities, and businesses during the pandemic.

Guest Details:

Name: Derrick L. Miles
Title: Founder/CEO
Company: CourMed
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Derrick L. Miles is Founder/Chief Executive Officer at CourMed®. Derrick is also the Chairman and Founder of TMB Equity Partners, a boutique firm focused on investing/developing innovative healthcare solutions that achieve a liquidity event within five years.