Danielle Young, Director of Innovation and Business Improvement at South Jersey Industries, joins me in a conversation about innovation in a regulated industry. When you hear about natural gas, many will automatically think about fracking. But by the end of this podcast episode, you will learn many more ways in which the natural gas space is being innovated. 

Danielle shares her story and how she overcame resistance to change in the industry as long-serving employees perceived that innovation would slow down their work or make them do things differently in a way they didn’t understand at that time. We also discuss the importance of negotiation skills and an open-ended perspective to work with people rather than against them.

Finally, we explore the new regulations that are taking place related to climate change. But, most importantly, we discuss the innovative breakthrough ideas of how we’re using nature’s bounty in ways you never thought possible to bring gas to our homes using renewable and reusable energy in brand new ways.

Guest Details: 

Name: Danielle Young
Title: Director of Innovation and Business Improvement
Company: South Jersey Industries

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Danielle is an innovative results-driven leader delivering strategic business improvements by building controlled, iterative, and high-performing processes from the ground up, nurturing executive and cross-functional relationships, and retaining/growing revenue through creating and holding accountability for ambitious corporate KPIs. She is a passionate people leader skilled at fostering a collaborative and supportive culture that enables direct reports, peers, and leaders to push themselves and the organization to meet and exceed challenges and goals.